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Unique Massage Techniques

Due to Overall Instability and Continuous risk of another lockdown –
I only provide Mobile (Outcall) Service at the moment.

Therapeutic / Relaxation Techniques

European Massage Melbourne

European Remedial

European Remedial is your next-level Therapeutic Massage Experience – with variable pressure and continuous, progressive flow, it combines both Remedial and Relaxation effects,
relieving the tension and balancing the whole body with enjoyment and European charisma.


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Spa Relaxation Massage Melbourne

Anti-Stress Relaxation

Based on Spanish Biovascular (biochemical harmonization), French Wave (deep Lymphatic Drainage) and Neurosedative
(body re-connection and harmonization) techniques, SPA Relaxation is truly one of the most Relaxing and Healing Massage experiences currently available in Australia.


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Elans Signature Massage Melbourne

Elan's Signature

Elan’s Signature is the outcome of my local and international experience – the result of my Passion to create the perfect Massage that will be highly Enjoyable, deeply Relaxing and Therapeutic in the same time.


Premium Massage Melbourne | Elan’s Signature Massage | Remedial Massage | Relaxation Massage | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Melbourne

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Long, flowy strokes from tropical islands of Hawaii – indeed, very Sacred and deeply Relaxing must-have experience for every massage lover!  In the beauty of it’s original variation, you’ll get gently covered with hot oil from toes to neck, relaxed with rhythmic and deep movements and get completely pampered by the end of your session…


Premium Massage Melbourne | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Melbourne | Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne

The Techniques above are Therapeutic / Relaxation only – 
for Sensual Massage Techniques please visit the following page:



G’day, Beautiful Creatures!


My name is Elan (originally Ivan) –

following my Passion for Healing, Energetics and the Art of Touch,
for the last 6 years I’ve been studying and practicing different Massage Techniques
locally (Melbourne, regional Victoria, Byron Bay) and Internationally
(Spain, Russia, Thailand, Philippines)
to be able to create unique style and bring the best Massages from all over the World
to our beautiful Melbourne.

Using my skills and ever continuously growing knowledge about Massage and Bodywork,
I’m always doing my best to create Unique, Personalized Experiences for every Client around you current condition and needs.


Why Elan’s Massage?

Elan’s Massage is a Precise, One-Man Massage Practice, specializing on unique, highly effective and enjoyable Massage Techniques and Energetic aspects of the Treatment.

Being Truly Passionate about Massage and Bodywork, I endeavor to create Custom, Personalized Sessions for every Client – using my broad knowledge and skill-base, the Treatments are intuitive and created “from the Stream”, based on the Client’s Energy and current Needs and Desires.

Elan’s Massage is much more than just a Massage –
and is unique for every single Client (as every connection is unique).

Unique Massage Techniques

Unique Massage Techinques


Accumulating and Practicing different Massage and Bodywork Styles from all over the World, I’m also Creating my own Techniques – which is an absolutely spontaneous process, when I just receive knowledge during sessions from time to time – being in the state of Inner Silence.

Limitless Practice

Limitless Practice


My Massage Practice is not limited by any formal set of Rules or Restrictions, which you can find in any Shop/Clinic. Being a Free, Constructive Creature, I’m creating Elan’s Massage in accordance with my Heart – and it is limited only by the Client’s Imagination.

Open Mindedness - 1

Complete Open-Mindedness


Being a Bi-Sexual with extremely flexible Ego (I’m living from my Heart – so Ego does not matter much to me), I’m interested in all kinds of Passionate, Lovely and Genuine Experiences – happily fulfilling almost any request you may have.

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing


Having much Experience from a Client’s Perspective, I know how important is to have the price matching your Budget.
At Elan’s Massage – the price is fixed and already includes many “Extras” – more than that, the price itself is made very affordable for the Level of Service provided.


Absolute Privacy


Client’s Privacy is a must for me –
I’d never share any information regarding my Clients with anyone else. There are no boring Client Forms, template consultations etc.
I’ll only ask necessary questions, relevant to the Session and will chat to you as a good, loyal friend 🙂


Comprehensive Qualifications


Massage and Bodywork are all about Practical Skills and Experience – however, it gives a piece of mind to have a folder with Local and International Certificates and Australian + European
Massage Diploma.
Just in case 🙂

What Shall I Expect from my Session?

As it is only Mobile for now –
meaning that I’m coming to Client with all the Equipment needed for a Premium Massage Session:

– Very comfortable Massage Table.

– Soft, clean and nice-smelling Blanket, Towels and Sarong.

– Organic Grapeseed Oil with added various Essential Oils.

– Nice, relaxing Musc (SBS Chill or my own playlists).

– Myself: with a good mood, nice smell and much Love to share.

– If you have made a Special Request – expect me to bring the stuff to fulfill it ^_^


Frequently Asked Questions:




– Do you have girls?


No – in order to maintain the highest level of Massage Service and bring the best, personalized experiences for every client – Elan’s Massage is one-man Massage Practice.

It will remain this way till I find the right Female Therapist of my level (or she finds me – who knows) to combine our Passions into one Practice.


Elans Massage Melbourne

– You used to do wonderful Sensual Massages – are you still doing them?


Yes, for sure! However, I’ve separated everything Sensual from pure Therapeutic / Relaxation practice, which can be practiced in any clinic / formal place.

For Sensual / Tantric Massage Techniques – feel free to visit this page:


– Do I have to wear undies for my Session?


Completely up to you.
In my practice I prefer the European way, when the Client stays naked with a modesty towel / folded sarong in the middle. This way the whole buttocks area is accessible and I can massage it thoroughly (buttocks are the biggest muscle group involved in most everyday actions – it is very useful and enjoyable to have them massaged properly + this area is always mostly avoided because of sexual taboos and codes of ethics). More than that – it allows me to do the full-body strokes from toes to head, which just feels amazing!

If you’re not comfortable with the European way – feel free to wear your underwear. This way I’ll do only the Gluteus Medius (top part), avoiding the rest (Maximus and Minimus). Obviously there will also be no full body strokes (or your underwear will soak with oil) and it won’t be possible to perform Authentic Lomi Lomi session this way.


– What areas are you servicing?


Outcalls are available around Metropolitan Melbourne and surroundings without any extra charge for the travel (for extra far locations (more that 45min away from CBD), however, I have to charge a little extra to cover time and petrol).

And some reviews…

What Massage shall I choose? Massage Types with Explanations

Classification and explanation of different Massage Types: Therapeutic, Relaxation, Sensual, Tantric and Aesthetic Massage Types.

Yoni Massage: Anatomy and Types of Orgasms

Yoni Massage is a very complex and spiritual action, aimed on healing and expansion of Femininity – which, in the same time, can be extremely sexy and unleashing act, creating the waves of pleasure that spread all over the body and multiple orgasms, often accompanied with loud moans and squirting…

The History of Signature Sensual Massage and Elan’s Signature Massage Styles

I was heavily disappointed with basic Massage skills that I’ve got at the beginning and began my Journey to create the Massage I’d love to receive myself – Sensual, Enjoyable and Effective.

Elan’s Massage 2.0 has arrived! Current update.

Elan’s Massage 2.0 is here – with new, unique Massage Techniques, completely separated Therapeutic and Sensual sections, updated rates and much more!

Why I don’t use Email/Text marketing- information overload and informational violence

Every time I face another “marketing advise”, have to do a small-business subject in another Massage School as part of another Massage Course or just opening my email in the morning.

They say:

“Approach your customers!”;

“Make yourself visible for them!”;

Why Regular Clients get the best Experiences – building Trust and Connection

The energy which builds up in our own structure contains our own personal imprint – it can be then read as an information on different levels, mostly non-verbal.

In the nature of any connection is to give the energy with our imprint and receive the same amount of energy with foreign imprint in return.

The Art of Yoni Massage

Basically, Yoni Massage is a sequence (number of sequences) over the female’s Yoni (“womb”, “vagina” in Sanskrit) and is a conclusion of a Traditional Tantric Massage for Women.

However, it is much more than just a sequence.

Sensual Massage vs Tantric Massage: what’s the difference?

Both Sensual and Tantric Massages are well known – mostly and absolutely mistakenly by hundreds of ads from busty females without any Massage qualification, providing body slides and different sexual services under the Massage aegis.

This has nothing to have neither with Tantric nor Sensual.

Later, I have bookings from guys (and sometimes girls), who had this fake “Tantric” or “Sensual” experience and want to know the real thing.


Mutual Sympathy – Physical Attraction, Emotional Connection and Mindful Acceptance

Many have seen my ads in the web, and many have noticed the phrase “Mutual Sympathy” – the magic element needed to create all sorts of extras and custom experiences.

However – in some cases it was misunderstood as an “extra $”, “tip” and other materialistic goods.

Nope – Mutual Sympathy is not about the money, at all. It can be used as a reason to provide a nice discount or create an unique Session especially for you – but what is it and how to achieve it?

Mastery of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – Achievement Unlocked!

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is so wonderful, combining Sensual and Remedial qualities and providing the unforgettable experience on its own or as part of any mix I do!


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 Operating mobile all around Melbourne and Victoria

0421 240 897 (text only)