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4 Human Types: Differences, Highlights and Features.

Everyday dealing with all kinds of Guys and Girls, I had to develop some psychological skills in order to get my Clients at ease from the first minute. These skills are different from the Psychological lectures or handbooks – I’d rather call it “Functional Psychology”.
Today I’ll discuss with you 4 main Human Types – knowing that, you’ll be able successfully get on with anyone you want – or efficiently protect yourself, if needed.


“If Elan is talking about Energies – means that he’s a bit bored”

First of all – what is Human Structure? We can re-phrase it to “Human Creature” – but this way we’re moving away from the Energetics – the real source of everything. So – Human Structure is a conjunction of a smaller energetic structures, or parts – which themselves are the result of shaping and materializing of the Universal Energy. As any structure – it is created according to some template, or matrix.
There are few different templates, creating the base for further ramification – but if we want to get to the root, we shall explore the templates specifically.

Even though this idea is not very common for Western people – it is not new and well-known for 1000-s of years. For example – ancient Pagan cultures managed to find out, that the world and everything in it (including humans) can be divided into four main groups, having qualities of four main elements of the Nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind. Many of you may be familiar with Tarot cards – used for predictions, rituals and all sorts of Magical actions. If you remember at least some of them – they divided into four groups as well: Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands. Same with general playing (Poker) cards: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades.


Basically – this division can be found everywhere: seasons, cardinal directions, human types.

Knowing the seasons – you can prepare for each of them and enjoy having all sorts of fun all year long. Knowing the directions – you can find your pathway almost anywhere. Knowing people – … Well, the pros are endless!

The first Human Type is “Rock” (Earth, Pentacles).


Tradie everybody loves ^_^

If you ever played online-games (MMORPG), you may be familiar with the type of character, who takes the most damage on himself, covering others and clearing the pathway for the whole group. This type is tough, enduring and strong by its nature – “Rocks” are the hardest physical workers with wonderful health and stamina. They can feed on almost anything, take much stress and still be alright!

With all the positives – “Rocks” are limited with feelings and higher emotions. They don’t feel the world so much, comparing to Empaths – mostly they are concentrated on their own Persona (or Ego) and it is really difficult to show the “Rock” the world from a different view.

To become friends with “Rock” – please his/her Ego, talk about them, praise their strengths and try to simplify things (“Rocks” like it easy). Mostly, they really enjoy alcohol and heavy foods – so having a nice dinner also helps 😉

Everyday examples: Tradies, production workers, heavy vehicle drivers etc.


Next Human Type is “Heart”, or Empath (Water, Cups)

Empaths are completely opposite to “Rocks” – sensitive, precious and fragile, they are the feeling cells of the Humanity. Feeling everything around in their own bodies, “Hearts” have very deep feelings and emotions and make wonderful lovers, therapists and friends. Whatsoever – the biggest mistake will be to put an Empath on a Production Site: he/she can still be a good worker, but soon will be absolutely depleted by heavy energies and low frequencies around.

Empaths are so compassionate, sometimes forgetting about themselves and concentrating on making outer world better – so they may sacrifice their own needs and desires (which is completely unacceptable for other types).

If you want to get close to an Empath – be honest and calm (we feel lies and aggression straight away), make the first step showing your care and sympathy – that would be all the “Heart” needs and he/she will be completely flattered by that (take your time though – being too persistent may make an Empath feel uncomfortable at first).

Water element in a Human Creature on itself is a perfect representation of Femininity – loving, caring, creative and flexible. So yep – there are Males with predominant Water element, who are really Feminine, and on other hand – Females without much of this element, who are not Feminine in their look and actions at all.

Examples: Healers, Massage Therapists, Artists, Actors etc.


The third Human Type is “Sword”, or Warrior (Fire, Wands)

This fervent, assertive type is perfect for breaking through, overcoming and achieving. Having most characteristics of a stereotypical Masculinity, “Swords” are always fighting and overcoming, till they achieve their Success – however, it is only a short break before the next Conquest. By Conquest and Achievements, I mean anything valuable for the “Sword” – girls/guys, career, money, cars/houses etc.

Fire is an element of Power – so “Swords” are drunk on Power in all its manifestations. They are great leaders and inventors – but don’t expect them to care much of others, especially if they are not in the “Sword’s” team. Their first priority – their own ideas and goals, the second – themselves, the rest is consumable material. If they make love – they indulge on how great they are. If they lead a team – they indulge on how great they are. If they create a family – most likely they’re indulging on how great they are. It’s all about them.

So – if you want to be friends with a “Sword”, be ready to admire them, their achievements and ideals. “Swords” don’t try to take a look from someone else’s perspective – so they are always right, and you’ll have to deal with it (yep, “Swords” are not the best ones to get friends with…).

Examples: Successful businessmen, CEO’s, Sport Stars, Managers etc.


The last Human Type is “Brain” (Air, Swords)

If I would draw an Illustration on Human Types:

  • The “Rock” would be a Centaur with horse’s lower body and human’s upper (strong, as an animal with the mind of a human), habiting in tough, Nordic environments.
  • The Empath would be a soft and pleasant heart-shaped creature, habiting in the fruit gardens between flowers and beautiful animals.
  • The “Sword” would be a Masculine, lean creature with sparkling eyes and strong hands, holding Shield and Sword to Conquer and Protect.
  • And the “Brain” would be an alien with giant head and tiny body, who can control and manipulate other creatures by its Mental powers.

Yes, that’s correct – “Brains” are all in their heads. Perfect calculation’s machines, they are made to plan, structurize and create mental schemas. They lack in body strength, in feelings or in will power – however, they can manipulate any of other types by their Mind Games and analysis.

“Brains” mostly think really high about themselves – so it’s quite difficult to deal with them. If you are ready to be their “hamster”, manipulated and involved in their strange games – then go ahead.

Whatsoever – “Brains” are irreplaceable if you need to find a solution to any difficult situation.

Examples: IT specialists, Scientists, Psychologists etc.

Mostly, anyone you’ll meet will be the mix of 2 or more types with one of the elements brightly pronounced. Myself, for example, is a mix of “Heart” (which is my main type), “Sword” and a bit of “Brain”.

Mostly, anyone you’ll meet will be the mix of 2 or more types with one of the elements brightly pronounced. Myself, for example, is a mix of “Heart” (which is my main type), “Sword” and a bit of “Brain”.

Whatsoever, to be a Harmonized and Fulfilled person, you have to develop all 4 types, making one of them your flagship. Again, in my example I had to work hard with my “Rock” type (which was very weak) by doing much sports (Muai Thai, Weights at the Gym etc.), learn how to ground myself and to enjoy the simple, Earth’s pleasures (like good, Protein-Based food), develop leadership and will skills (to get the “Sword” type stronger) and to create a habit of doing some Math when I have free time (you’ll be surprised, but before Massage, straight after school I went to do IT).

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