Anti-Stress Relaxation Massage


 From the first days of my Massage Journey,
I’ve realized the need for a Deep Relaxation Massage Mix – because existing Relaxation techniques
used in most Massage places in Australia
couldn’t satisfy the growing Clients’ Relaxation needs
in our modern, stressful environment.

Based on
Spanish Biovascular (biochemical harmonization),
French Wave (deep Lymphatic Drainage) and Neurosedative (body re-connection and harmonization) techniques,
SPA Relaxation is truly one of the most Relaxing and Healing Massage experiences currently available in Australia.

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How does your Anti-Stress Relaxation differs from other Relaxation Massages?


The main difference is Experience, Creativity and many styles, used to create the one we are talking about. It’s backed with Anatomy and Psychosomatics studies – and serves few main goals:

– Turning off the overactive Mind in order to let you experience tranquility and complete relaxation. That’s achieved with complicated, unpredictable flows and stable, slow rhythm (the Mind tries to control everything – so when it is trying to predict the next movement and no  able to do that for 10-20min, it gives up and turns off (or getting into hibernation mode ^_^).

– Soft and constant pressure increases the hormone production, which gives enhanced state of happiness and tranquility. (one of the techniques used in Anti-Stress is called Oxytocin Massage – by the name of one of the hormones responsible for pleasure and overall stability of Human being).

– Finally, soft malaxation is just feels great and helps to release background tension, that is accumulated in the body during stresses.


So yes, SPA Relaxation is not just one learnt sequence – it’s the deliberate pick from the many known flows in order to satisfy your personal Needs at the given moment. It’s the personal elaborations based on years of practice. It’s the usage of many unique styles, learnt from great Therapists in Europe and Russia. 


Absolute Relaxation

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Elements


Created by Elan for Australia

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60min – 100$


75min – 115$


90min – 130$

Provided Mobile all around Melbourne.

Other Styles

Elans Signature Massage Melbourne

Elan's Signature

Elan’s Signature is the outcome of my local and international experience – the result of my Passion to create the perfect Massage that will be highly Enjoyable, deeply Relaxing and Therapeutic in the same time.


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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Melbourne

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Long, flowy strokes from tropical islands of Hawaii – indeed, very Sacred and deeply Relaxing must-have experience for every massage lover!  In the beauty of it’s original variation, you’ll get gently covered with hot oil from toes to neck, relaxed with rhythmic and deep movements and get completely pampered by the end of your session…


Premium Massage Melbourne | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Melbourne | Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne
European Massage Melbourne

European Remedial

European Remedial is your next-level Therapeutic Massage Experience – with variable pressure and continuous, progressive flow, it combines both Remedial and Relaxation effects,
relieving the tension and balancing the whole body with enjoyment and European charisma.


Premium Massage Melbourne | Therapeutic Massage Melbourne | Remedial Massage | European Remedial Massage | Remedial Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne

Premium Massage Melbourne | Spa Relaxation Massage | Deep Relaxation Massage | Relaxation Massage Melbourne | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne


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