Custom Massage Sessions Melbourne


Based on my Experience I can make up almost any Massage Style with continuation of your choice.

This type of Service I’ve been searching myself and couldn’t find any. It was possible to do in a Sexual way when visiting High-Class Prostitutes – but none of them were good Massage Therapists.

Custom Massage – what does that mean?

Basically – you’re coming not to the Shop, not to the Spa – but to the Individual and discuss your Desires and Views on what kind of Massage you’d like to receive. 

The list of Techniques includes:

– Tantric (Lingam & Yoni)
– Nuru / BodyErotic
– Hawaiian LomiLomi
– Spanish Myostructural
– Spanish Biovascular (Deep Lymphatic Drainage)
– Traditional Thai Yoga
– Classic Deep Tissue
– Sensual Deep Tissue
– Anti-Stress Relaxation (Oxytocin, Neurosedative etc.)
– Russian Traditional
– Classic Swedish
– Holistic Swedish
– Sports
– Sculptural 


Custom Massage Melbourne

Surprisingly, but I’ve already included Custom Massage option by default to every Massage for my regulars (anyone, who is coming to me (or I’m coming to them) 3 or more times).

Ususally it happens like:

“Elan (or Ivan, who knows me personally) – let’s do some Myostructural with Lomi stuff and add some Erotic Teasing and Yoni finish”.


“I’ve really enjoyed my Lingam last time – lets do it for the last 30-40min, straigh after Neurasedative relaxation”.

Provided Mobile all around Melbourne

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Other Styles



Sensual, erotic and sexually saturated – Tantric Massage is your finest destination for slow, sensual pleasure with energetic enhancment and full body revitalizing.
Available for both Males (Lingam finish) and Females (Yoni finish).


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Bed&Table | Sensual Gay Massage | Erotic Massage | Body-to-Body

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is well known for it’s deep physical tension release and stress relief effects. Well, you can get the same from Thai or Hawaiian techniques with more pleasure – so I’d rather call Deep Tissue “the technique for everyone, who loves to feel direct impact on his muscles and enjoys rapid physical release”.


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Deep Tissue | Muscle Work | Energy Harmonizing

Sensual Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Long, flowy strokes from tropical islands of Hawaii – indeed, very sacred and sensual must-have experience for every massage lover! In the beauty of it’s original variation, you’ll get gently covered with hot coconut oil from toes to neck, relaxed with rhytmic and deep movements and get totally satisfied by the end of your session…


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi | Relaxation | Energy Harmonizing

Anti-Stress Relaxation

European SPA style relaxation massage, based on Spanish, French and Swedish techniques. More or less, this one was forged in luxurious spa in Yarra Ranges, being in high demand and repeating it many times a day, day after day… 


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Anti Stress | Relaxation | Energy Harmonizing
Spanish Myostructural Massage

Spanish Myostructural Massage

Very Sensual and Deeply Remedial, Spanish Myostructural Massage is combining the best Flows and Strokes from both European and Asian Massage Schools, adding the Spanish Charisma and circular, continuous rhythm – creating wonderful, relaxing and remedial experiences for everyone.


Sensual Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Spanish Myostructural Massage | Relaxation | Remedial Massage | Energy Harmonizing


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