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Elan’s Massage 2.0 has arrived – with new, unique Massage Techniques, completely separated Therapeutic and Sensual sections and updated rates!


Oh, I love updates – especially when they don’t take away the good stuff and bring the new goodies in the same time!

This one is really remarkable – it changes the practice a bit, formally introduces new Massage Techniques (some of them – my own humble creation ^_^), changes the overall image and shifts the practice to a deeper, more organized way. 

And of course – new photos, heaps of potential ideas and much love 😉 

Elans Massage Melbourne


So, what are the changes, mate?


 First of all – the website, as well as the practice, is finally separated on two parts:

– Therapeutic / Relaxation Massage Techniques

– Sensual / Tantric Massage Techniques

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Therapeutic / Relaxation Massage Techniques


For quite a long time I ideologically didn’t want to separate any Techniques from the main course – Healing, Pleasing and Satisfying Massage for everyone, based on the Client’s Needs and Desires. The complete body-mind-soul Therapy to achieve whatever the Client needs at the moment. Using all my empathic and healer’s abilities, paired with Massage and Bodywork knowledge to create wonderful, unique experiences and get people healthy and happy.

As any good idea – it didn’t work as well as I thought it would. 

On one hand – there were some Clients, who just wanted to get a Sexual release without any healing or Tradition. Stressed, blocked guys and girls with hyper-over-active mind, who have lost any significant connection with reality – and in the same time caring only about getting the Sexual stimulation and short-term pleasure. For the whole Session with such Clients all I could feel is impatience of getting the release as soon as possible, loss of connection to their own bodies and concentration only on their thoughts.

Basically – with getting another release they were making the situation worse. What they needed – the full body Healing, body-mind-soul re-connection and graduate work on recovering and restoring themselves. I’d avoid any Sexual Energy work in the beginning with such Clients – strengthening other aspects to get them into balance. But I can’t do anything that the Client hasn’t asked me to do.

On other hand – there were some Clients, who were completely blocked Sexually with all sorts of taboos and limitations. It felt like their first two energetic centers (Chakras) were turning into energetic swamps without any movement. From that – blockages all the way up the head, including stressed physical bodies and unstable psyche. In some cases, I had to limit myself by only half of the hamstring (lower half) and only upper part of the lower back – only this way they felt confident and secure.

In such cases – Tantric or gradual Sensual work would give the most benefit, fixing the energetics, flushing away the blocks and restoring the healthy Human System.

However – I had to stay with some limited Remedial or Relaxation techniques as this is what the Client wanted.

After these Experiences I felt like I used about 20% of what I actually could do if I was allowed to.

You just had a wrong image and haven’t been clear enough, mate.


For that reason – now it’s completely separated. 

If the Client believes, that he/she needs formal Therapeutic / Relaxation treatment – there are 4 unique styles to choose from. 

4 unique styles – each of them makes the framework of strokes and movements, aiming specific targets.

4 unique styles – which I can provide in any Clinic, Spa or Health Centre without any doubt about Codes of Ethics or other pseudo-legal limitations. These styles are ABSOLUTELY pure from any Sensual hues, and even the most tabooed and blocked Client would feel safe and secure receiving them.

And if the Client is happy with removing some body parts out of treatment and missing the areas, which mainly generate energy in the Human Creature – so it’s his/her own Responsibility and Choice.

But if the Client wants something more, than a Clinical treatment (which I was still able to make nice and creative) – then he/she is very welcome to the Sensual part of my practice…

Sensual Massage Melbourne

Sensual / Tantric Massage Techniques

What differs Sensual Massage from formal Therapeutic (at Elan’s Massage, to be clear)? 

Firstly – Creativity and the Freedom of Expression. Sensual Massage is not limited by any traditional schemas and structures – it is the wonder of pure Energetic Connection between the Therapist and the Client. The wonder of Trust and Mutual Respect.

Mainly because during the Session I feel the Client as I feel myself, it is possible to synchronize to the levels where almost every movement is a continuation of the Client’s intention. In most cases, it’s becoming possible to make deep positive changes in the Client’s energetic body, which automatically solves many physical and psychological issues.

Needless to say, that it also feels amazing – deep relaxation, sometimes – altered state of mind, slow strokes with variable pressure all over the body and the feeling of rising energies, showing up as arousal or warm waves within the body.

And to make sure you don’t misunderstand me – Sensual Massage is very different from any Sexual stuff. Myself, as a Therapist (Clinical Remedial – who respects formal requirements, and Tantric – who’s goal is to bring Healing and Pleasure to others without pleasing myself), have only professional interest in the Session – to be able to do something like I’ve described above, I have to be completely aware, turn my mind off, open up my soul and feel the Client and the Streams of Energy in the same time. It really takes a lot of effort – and my own energy, so I don’t have any chance even to think about anything Sexual at all (well – there are almost no thoughts during the Session as any of them can ruin the meditative state and break the connection).

Feedback Sensual Massage Mirela

Another novelty is the “Gay VERY Friendly” policy


Elan’s Massage has always been absolutely equal and impartial towards every Client. This will always stay the same.

So, what’s the change here?

Basically it is now formally stated and Gay people are now one of the main target audiences at Elan’s Massage.

Taking into the account social strains and limitations, that are still applicable to the Gay society, backing it up with my personal sympathy and many great Experiences I had with Gay people as my Clients – I believe it is fair to state that Elan’s Massage is absolutely safe and welcoming practice for any “non-straight” person who is looking for a good Massage / Healing experience.

On other hand – it doesn’t give any permission for any disrespectful actions regardless of sex or sexual orientation of the Client.

The true Equality is when one group of people is not put above or below than other for any reason. When everyone can be whoever he/she wants to be – and can be accepted in the way he/she presents himself. 

As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone around. 

Speaking about Elan’s Massage practice – that means you’ll be warmly welcomed regardless of how you present yourself and what are your sexual / social preferences. You’ll be understood and completely accepted. You’ll be provided with the same quality of service and care like everyone else. We can have a warm chat and a cup of tea after if you’ like 😉

Any disrespectful or harassing behavior won’t be tolerated like in any other case.

Elans Massage Gay Very Friendly Massage

Elan’s Massage now accepting Clients aged between 18-59 only
for Sensual / Tantric Massage – for Health & Safety reasons.


Sensual Massage can get quite intense.

Rhythmic, flowy strokes all over the body – gently massaging all the sensitive, pleasurable spots and areas over and over again in order to build up the energy, accumulate it – for bright release or sublimation (lifting the Sexual Energy up, exchanging it to different states and increasing the overall energetic levels – bringing the improvements to your everyday life).

On the physical level – the heart is pumping the blood with increased rate, blocked before systems are overloaded with blood and nutrients while cleansing themselves. This is completely safe and very beneficial for a strong, healthy human. 

But if someone over 70, barely walking, coming to get this Experience – I’d have to reject straight away. I just wouldn’t take the risks as it is not worth it in any case.

Yes, there are exclusions – I’ve actually had Clients over 60-s and 70-s, who were in a great condition: athletic, strong and kinda muscular (better, than some guys in their 40-s). Much sport, healthy diet, mindful life – the key for that. But that’s not happening often, unfortunately.  

So yep – for Therapeutic / Relaxation I’m welcoming Clients of any age (as long as they can get on the table).

For Sensual / Tantric – 18-59YO only.

New videos, showing the chosen strokes are now available on the main pages.


Two separate videos, showing the chosen strokes from Therapeutic / Relaxation and Sensual / Tantric techniques are now available on the main pages:

Yeah, videos are kinda cool addition to the photos, making the website more alive 😉

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