Elan’s Signature Massage


Elan’s Signature is the outcome
of my local and international experience –
the result of my Passion to create the perfect Massage
that will be highly Enjoyable, deeply Relaxing
and Therapeutic in the same time.

Elan’s Signature is based on Spanish Myostructural, Therapeutic Swedish, Russian, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and my own personal elaborations – from all these techniques I’ve chosen only the Finest strokes to create the Flawless Massage experience especially for you.



What makes Elan’s Signature Massage so special?


The finest mix of Spanish Myostructural & Biovascular, French Wave, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Tantric Massages – is, according to many Clients’ opinions, the best Relaxation and the most enjoyable Massage in Melbourne (maybe in another towns too – not sure about that ^_^).

First of all – the whole Massage Experience is a whole, continuous flow (actually two – one on the back and another one on the front). Yep – seamless, enjoyable and exceptional. 

Elans Signature Massage Melbourne


One stroke is slowly turning into another, the whole body is treated as whole aspect (not separated into the “zones” – like in Swedish).

Secondly – for Elan’s Signature Massage mix I’ve chosen only the most effective and pleasant strokes. No more standard “Remedial Torture” with thumbs, fists and elbows go directly into slightly warmed muscles! 

More than that – Elan’s Signature is absolutely intuitive. That means that I don’t just do one learnt sequence, but making the Massage from the given techniques according to the Client’s needs and desires. 

Yes – listening, feeling your body “on the go” and making a special Experience for you. 



Everybody's favorite

massage care

Love and Care in every Touch


Created by Elan for Australia

Spa Relaxation Massage Melbourne - 2


60min – 100$


75min – 115$


90min – 130$

Provided Mobile all around Melbourne.

Other Styles

European Massage Melbourne

European Remedial

European Remedial is your next-level Therapeutic Massage Experience – with variable pressure and continuous, progressive flow, it combines both Remedial and Relaxation effects,
relieving the tension and balancing the whole body with enjoyment and European charisma.


Premium Massage Melbourne | Therapeutic Massage Melbourne | Remedial Massage | European Remedial Massage | Remedial Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne
Spa Relaxation Massage Melbourne

Spa Relaxation

Based on Spanish Biovascular (biochemical harmonization), French Wave (deep Lymphatic Drainage) and Neurosedative
(body re-connection and harmonization) techniques, SPA Relaxation is truly one of the most Relaxing and Healing Massage experiences currently available in Australia.


Premium Massage Melbourne | Spa Relaxation Massage | Deep Relaxation Massage | Relaxation Massage Melbourne | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Melbourne

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Long, flowy strokes from tropical islands of Hawaii – indeed, very Sacred and deeply Relaxing must-have experience for every massage lover!  In the beauty of it’s original variation, you’ll get gently covered with hot oil from toes to neck, relaxed with rhythmic and deep movements and get completely pampered by the end of your session…


Premium Massage Melbourne | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Melbourne | Therapeutic Massage | Relaxation Massage | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne

Premium Massage Melbourne | Spa Relaxation Massage | Deep Relaxation Massage | Relaxation Massage Melbourne | Unique Massage Melbourne | Male Massage Melbourne


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