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Fluidity: The First and the Main Energetic Rule

It has been the 6th month of the lockdown story in Melbourne. Observing how people act and react, I’ve decided to write few articles about the very basics – Main Energetic Rules, that we all follow due to our existence. 

Why’s that? Because forgetting them leads to devastating results for the the whole human creature: physical blocks and tension, suppressed emotions, numb feelings, psychological problems and energetic depletion (depression in other words).



Movement is life – and the energy, like water, always abides in the motion. This main and indeed, very simple rule, if realized and implemented, can change the life of an individual, solving many common problems by itself.

If everything is that simple – what’s the catch?

Human’s mind – it just has to control everything!

Now imagine, that the world around consists of ever moving, glowing energy, shimmering from one state to another, from object to object, from form to form. Such splendor creates unique liveliness and variability, that is absolutely unpredictable and uncontrollable – the process of constant creation and destruction without any limitations.

This way, the very concept of static becomes impractical – human being, worlds inside and outside are changing every single moment of time. Such instability is a deadly potion for our mind, that tries to create a “safe, stable and predictable” world to live in.

For that reason – the mind puts shortcuts on the objects and manifestations of the world, forming the “safe island” in the ocean of energy. The island, where every process is labeled and predicted, every person or object is well known and understandable, every action is verified and has expected results.

“But that’s how we exist! We can’t live in chaos.”

Yes, the whole Human Civilization was build like a giant “safe island” – and that’s the way we are used to live. However, this coin has another side.

What happens to the water, that has been taken from the river and put into the glass? It becomes still – and shortly getting green and stinky. If you pour it back into the river – it will get the normal, fluid state again – soon restoring it’s healthy properties.

The energy, that has been trapped, is like still water – with a difference that it will always try to return to the fluid state by its nature. The harder you try to hold it – the more it will be breaking out. Meanwhile, stagnation will be formed, foreshadowing multiple problems – destroying the structure, that holds the natural energy currents, as water destructs a stone, laying in it’s way.

No matter if a person doesn’t know the rules – he will still suffer the consequences, facing the physical, mental, emotional and energetic affections as a result of the created energetic blocks. Looking for a panacea or getting the “symptoms management” may help in a short term – but without solving the energetic reason (the root of the problem), it will soon appear again in a worsen state.

Fluidity Energetics

So how can the human overlap and block the energy currents?

Oh, that’s very simple!

– Thoughts are energy, so if you don’t accept and “banish” them – they’ll be stuck inside, creating the block.

– Emotions are energy. If you’re holding emotions without letting them out or converting them to different states (I’ll provide the technique for that in practical section) – you’re creating the block.

– Physical body is closely linked to the energetic (subtle) body – so if physical body is getting slagged, it also creates the energetic blocks.

– If you’re holding for any object or person, deifying, creating the image and attaching yourself to it – you also create a block.

… and many other ways to break the rule and spoil the life a bit 😉

Taking into account that human is a quite complex creature, consisting of a large amount of energetic “fibers” (waves) – a single blockage can be left ignored and show itself as a slight emotional or physical discomfort or non-aggressive intrusive thoughts. However, continuing the process of cutting your own energy can lead to multiple blockages, that will be impossible to ignore – in such case, “normal” human starts to visit psychologist or/and take different medicine, covering the symptoms, but leaving the root unsolved.

Luckily, according to the Rule of Fluidity, energy is always trying to return into it’s natural, fluid state – this process occurs by itself, if nobody is intentionally stopping it. On the way, energy washes away everything that caused the blockage with all the “rubbish” that stuck to the block.


Of course, the person never wants to re-live and simply accept the fact of existence of the problem – so, instead of re-living and letting it go, he blocks it again and pushes it deeper inside, trying to cover it to stop feeling “bad”.

As a result – after few unsuccessful attempts to break free, the energy is getting into calmer, “swamp” state – and the problem is turning into latent, “treatment-resistant” state. It will still remind of itself all the time – without the “full” re-living, but rather as background thoughts, bad mood and depression. If there are multiple suppressed problems – a person has to create the constant psychological “defense” in the way of unstoppable over-thinking and playing ridiculous, devastating inner games (such as rituals, if we’d take OCD for example). Such “defense” mechanism buries the problem even deeper, consuming much energy on it’s maintenance and adding more suffering to the overall condition.

Saying about energy consuming – all the actions described above are taking the free, available energy (or Personal Power), that could be used for anything you desire!

And all these – just from ignorance of a single fundamental energetic rule, when a person faces the whole cascade of unsolvable problems on the surface, fighting with his own “defenses”, observing the weakening of his own structure and increasing deficit of the available energy – leading to prostration and complex worsening of the level of life.


Generally – any pain, irritation or discomfort can be explained as resistance – physical, psychological or any other disturbance of the energy currents.

Just think about it – the physical wound is painful because of resistance to many factors: resistance of the skin in the moment of destructive impact, immune system, resisting the microorganisms, trying to get through the opened breach.
Psychological pain is also an act of resistance – suppressed emotion, that we don’t want, or the event, that we can’t accept and trying to forget.

Remove the resistance – the pain will disappear!

Yes, sometimes the resistance is necessary – but the continuous kind, when it becomes useless and even harmful, interfering with healing process and making things worse – like scratching the almost healed scratch or suppressing the traumatic memories every time they arise.

So, how this helps?..

Don’t block energy in any of it’s manifestations – this will solve many problems on itself.

Don’t “banish” anything – it exists for some reason.
If you don’t like it – just ignore it (turn the radio or TV off, read literature other than newspapers etc.).
Expressing aggression and non-acceptance only blocks your own energy, making no use to anyone around.

There is the whole universe around other than the politics, pandemic and never ending intrigues from the news – waiting for you to feel and explore it, and the only thing needed is to make your own choice and shift the focus from one to another.


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