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History of Signature Sensual and Elan’s Signature Massage Styles

Fulfulling the need for a Professional Sensual Massage


The story began in 2015-2016, when I’ve started to practice the first Swedish Massages.

As an empath, I could always feel what others’re feeling and, of course, was analyzing every Client and going through what they were experiencing. 

It was a bit not what I was expecting when decided to go into Massage. 

Swedish Massage taught at the Massage School was rough, tasteless and 100% physical – ignoring any energetic or emotional aspect. Basically you had to go through a number of strokes, concentrating on your own technique instead of accounting the current condition of the Client at the present moment.

None of the classmates at the School or my friends enjoyed the process – they were handling it for the result, which was very little from Basic Swedish anyway.

Completely opposite to the Art of Touch, that I was willing to learn.


So, in other words, I was heavily disappointed with basic Massage skills that I’ve got at the beginning and began my Journey to create the Massage I’d love to receive myself –

Sensual, Enjoyable and Effective.


Being of Russian background, at that moment I didn’t have any connections with Motherland anymore – however, I knew that you can find almost anything and anyone in Moscow or St. Petersburg – there always were many Russians willing to travel around and learn exotic skills, then selling them back home.

Knowing that – I’ve taken my savings and dispatched to Russia, taking the Diploma of Classic Massage course. 

Pretty pointless by itself (from that Diploma I’ve got advanced Swedish, basic Sports and some Russian (or “Soviet” as the real Russian Massage was created and practiced before the revolution of 1917) Massage techniques) – it connected me with same-minded people, which leaded to another Massage Courses – the next was an informal short-course led by a Massage Therapist with many years of International Experience.

I was lucky enough to get my first Spanish Strokes from him – and I’ve fallen in love with them! 

It was exactly what I was looking for.

Flowy, graduate and fascinating – with the first priority of “making the Client feel good”, I was feeling that I’m doing what I truly love for the first time in my new career.


Later I’ve found out, that Spanish Massage is relatively young
school of Massage created by Enrique Garcia. The whole group of Spanish Massages was called Chiromassage, and consisted of 4 different styles, that were aiming on different aspects of Massage Treatment.


Spa Relaxation Massage Melbourne

I didn’t hesitate to undertake Spanish Chiromassage Course in Spain – it was tough without knowing the Spanish Language, but you can definitely learn Massage without talking too much. And it was amazing.

Slow, flowy strokes – kneading, which the Client actually enjoys, Deep Pressure so gradual that the Client doesn’t feel any pain. 

And as a result – heavenly body experience with both deep Relaxation and Therapeutic effects.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay in Barcelona to complete all levels of Chiromassage – having to return to Melbourne and put my knowledge into practice.

Only then I’ve discovered, that there are actually Chiromassage Courses in
St. Petersburg held by graduates of schools in Spain – so for future visits I didn’t need to go to actual Spain anymore (and, even at this moment of 2021, there are still things to learn – even after many visits and years of practice ^_^)

Even though Spanish Chiromassage got me much closer to my Dream of creating the flawless, flexible Massage Style for almost any Client – I was still feeling that I’m missing a very important bit.


And this bit was Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

Yes – I didn’t even need to go to Hawaii to learn that. 

There were two teachers with equal reputation and experience in Victoria – so I’ve only needed to choose one of them.

And again – it was wonderful.

Sensual as it is, Relaxing and Therapeutic – plus very spiritual and healing.

It was a perfect match.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Melbourne

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi on itself was what I was looking for from the very beginning – but backed with Traditional Massage (like formal Remedial, Swedish and Russian) and Spanish Chiromassage, it opened the gates for creation of what I’ve always wanted to create.

Long, whole-body strokes from toes to neck – endless forearms flow, gentle stretches and lots of warm coconut oil (which I’ve later had to replace with grapeseed one).


Accumulating enough knowledge – it took me a couple of years of practice in various environments like Private Practice, Hotels & BnB’s, Luxurious Spa and different Clinics to put it all together, perfect it and pick the most favored strokes and stretches to create the Style I’d call my own creation.

Based on the environment and Client’s expectations, I’ve made two variations:

Elan’s Signature Massage – which is a formal “Deep Relaxation” and “Enjoyable Therapeutic” experience practiced in Clinical/Spa environment, where the Client remains in the underwear and lays on the blanket/towel covered table. Obviously, Elan’s Signature excludes and work on intimate areas and concentrates on Back (neck, Upper/Middle/Lower Back, Upper Glutes (Gluteus Medius)), Legs (both Anterior and Posterior leg from toes to the top of Hamstrings / Quads), décolletage (the top of the chest) and optional tummy and face.

Signature Sensual Massage – is unleashed version mostly used in Sensual Environments (like outcalls or hotels/BnB’s) and contains all the most enjoyable and pleasurable strokes including the intimate areas. In Signature Sensual the first priority is your Pleasure, which comes from gradual relaxation and building up the Arousal levels – when the mind fails to control and limit the body to feel pleasure, which leads to unforgettable experiences with much of a healing element (basically the mind itself blocks the body’s abilities to heal – especially everything linked with Sex, where most of people hold traumas and suppressed negativity).

Sensual Massage Melbourne | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi | Energetic Bodywork | Relaxation Massage | Spanish Chiromassage | Swedish Traditional Massage

Yoni Massage: Anatomy and Types of Orgasms

Yoni Massage is a very complex and spiritual action, aimed on healing and expansion of Femininity – which, in the same time, can be extremely sexy and unleashing act, creating the waves of pleasure that spread all over the body and multiple orgasms, often accompanied with loud moans and squirting…

The History of Signature Sensual Massage and Elan’s Signature Massage Styles

I was heavily disappointed with basic Massage skills that I’ve got at the beginning and began my Journey to create the Massage I’d love to receive myself – Sensual, Enjoyable and Effective.

Elan’s Massage 2.0 has arrived! Current update.

Elan’s Massage 2.0 is here – with new, unique Massage Techniques, completely separated Therapeutic and Sensual sections, updated rates and much more!

Why I don’t use Email/Text marketing- information overload and informational violence

Every time I face another “marketing advise”, have to do a small-business subject in another Massage School as part of another Massage Course or just opening my email in the morning.

They say:

“Approach your customers!”;

“Make yourself visible for them!”;

Why Regular Clients get the best Experiences – building Trust and Connection

The energy which builds up in our own structure contains our own personal imprint – it can be then read as an information on different levels, mostly non-verbal.

In the nature of any connection is to give the energy with our imprint and receive the same amount of energy with foreign imprint in return.

The Art of Yoni Massage

Basically, Yoni Massage is a sequence (number of sequences) over the female’s Yoni (“womb”, “vagina” in Sanskrit) and is a conclusion of a Traditional Tantric Massage for Women.

However, it is much more than just a sequence.

Sensual Massage vs Tantric Massage: what’s the difference?

Both Sensual and Tantric Massages are well known – mostly and absolutely mistakenly by hundreds of ads from busty females without any Massage qualification, providing body slides and different sexual services under the Massage aegis.

This has nothing to have neither with Tantric nor Sensual.

Later, I have bookings from guys (and sometimes girls), who had this fake “Tantric” or “Sensual” experience and want to know the real thing.


Mutual Sympathy – Physical Attraction, Emotional Connection and Mindful Acceptance

Many have seen my ads in the web, and many have noticed the phrase “Mutual Sympathy” – the magic element needed to create all sorts of extras and custom experiences.

However – in some cases it was misunderstood as an “extra $”, “tip” and other materialistic goods.

Nope – Mutual Sympathy is not about the money, at all. It can be used as a reason to provide a nice discount or create an unique Session especially for you – but what is it and how to achieve it?

Mastery of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – Achievement Unlocked!

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is so wonderful, combining Sensual and Remedial qualities and providing the unforgettable experience on its own or as part of any mix I do!

Fluidity: The First and the Main Energetic Rule

It has been the 6th month of the lockdown story in Melbourne. Observing how people act and react, I’ve decided to write few articles about the very basics – Main Energetic Rules, that we all follow due to our existence.

Why’s that? Because forgetting them leads to devastating results for the the whole human creature: physical blocks and tension, suppressed emotions, numb feelings, psychological problems and energetic depletion (depression in other words).