Sensual Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage


Long, flowy strokes from tropical islands of Hawaii – indeed, very sacred and sensual must-have experience for every massage lover! In the beauty of it’s original variation, you’ll get gently covered with hot coconut oil from toes to neck, relaxed with rhythmic and deep movements and get totally satisfied by the end of your session…

Unleashed variation of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – with complete long-body strokes covering all the sensitive areas that remained covered in the “formal” version.

Lots of warm oil, variable pressure and love in every touch – it combines Therapeutic, Relaxation and Sensual aspects, making it a complete Massage Treatment like it was intended to be – without the usual limitations of formal clinics and day-spas.

Lingam (Males) and Yoni (Females) finish are available – I’d call this Massage Lingam Lomi Lomi or Yoni Lomi Lomi then 😉


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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a wonderful base for any Sensual Massage (as well as Spanish Techniques) – it provides deep relaxation and complex, unpredictable movements and, what’s unique, doesn’t “cut” the Massage into sections (Back – Right Leg – Right Arm etc. – like in traditional Swedish, for example), but rather takes the whole body as one complete section, that has to be pleased, healed and satisfied.


Flowy and Deeply Relaxing


Powerful Healing Tool


Authentic Hawaiian Massage Experience

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60min – 120$



90min – 150$

Provided Mobile all around Melbourne

Other Styles

Tantric Massage Melbourne

Tantric Massage


Sensual, erotic and sexually saturated – Tantric Massage is your finest destination for slow, sensual pleasure with energetic enhancement and full body revitalizing.

Tantric Massage is a sacred sexual journey of graduate arousal and energy sublimation , ended with bright and unforgettable finish.

Available for both Males (Lingam finish) and Females (Yoni finish).


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Signature Sensual Massage Melbourne

Signature Sensual Massage


The Sensual variation of Elan’s Signature Massage – actually, its original version before all the necessary cut-offs to suit the formal standards and codes of ethics.

For Signature Sensual Massage I’ve chosen only the Finest strokes from the best Massage Techniques to create flawless Sensual Massage Experience – extremely enjoyable, pleasant and satisfying.

Signature Sensual is your ultimate Sensual Massage Experience – and yes, it can also be finished with Lingam (Males) or Yoni (Females) Massage if desired 😉


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Signature Sensual | Relaxation | Energy Harmonizing | Yoni Massage | Lingam Massage


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi | Relaxation | Energy Harmonizing


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