Sensual Massage for Couples
in Melbourne



Unforgettable Sensual Experience for any Couple wanting to get relaxed, entertained and spice their personal life a bit.

 Sensual Massage Session can be a gift to your loved one, a tool to put the relationships to the next level or just a sexy entertainment and a prelude for a long love-making night.



Sensual Massage Melbourne

How does the Sensual Massage for Couples work?

As I’m only a two-handed creature, it wouldn’t be possible for me to do both of you at the same time.

However, receiving the requests from Couples from time to time, I’ve got a nice solution.


 After a warm chat and setting up the goals/limitations for the Session, one of you gets on the table while another one stays nearby, in the same room (on the bed, couch etc.).
Using all my skills and Passion, I create the Sensual Massage on the go according to discussed goals/limitation, while the second partner is free to observe the process and get a nice view of his/her partner enjoying the Sensual Massage from any possible angle.


Slow and seductive strokes, sexy music and oiled body of your partner – and you can join any time you want.

Yes, that’s right – you can join the process of Massaging and Pleasing at any point, more than that – I can guide you how to Massage properly, so your partner can have a proper 4-handed Sensual Massage with you as one of the Therapists!

When the Session is finished (the way it finishes is completely up to you – usually I’m asked to do Yoni/Lingam Massage while the partners are starting to play with each other) – the partners swap and the process repeats with different roles.

I’m also very open-minded for any Fetish/Fantasy you may have and often asked to stay after the Massage is over – happy to do that if I have some time till the next Client and I don’t charge extra for that.



2 x 60min – 220$



2 x 90min – 280$

Provided Mobile all around Melbourne

Other Styles

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Tantric Massage Melbourne

Tantric Massage


Sensual, erotic and sexually saturated – Tantric Massage is your finest destination for slow, sensual pleasure with energetic enhancement and full body revitalizing.

Tantric Massage is a sacred sexual journey of graduate arousal and energy sublimation , ended with bright and unforgettable finish.

Available for both Males (Lingam finish) and Females (Yoni finish).


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Sensual Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Melbourne

Sensual Hawaiian Lomi Lomi


 Unleashed variation of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – with complete long-body strokes covering all the sensitive area that remained covered in the “formal” version.

Lots of warm oil, variable pressure and love in every touch – it combines Therapeutic, Relaxation and Sensual aspects, making it a complete Massage Treatment like it was intended to be – without the usual limitations of formal clinics and day-spas.

Lingam (Males) or Yoni (Females) finish is available – I’d call this Massage Lingam Lomi Lomi or Yoni Lomi Lomi then 😉


Sensual Male Massage | Sensual Massage Melbourne | Gay Massage Melbourne | M2M | M2F | Hawaiian Lomi Lomi | Authentic Lomi Lomi Experience | Yoni Massage | Lingam Massage 


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