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 Sensual Massage vs Tantric Massage: what’s the difference?


 Both Sensual and Tantric Massages are well known – mostly and absolutely mistakenly by hundreds of ads from busty females without any Massage qualification, providing body slides and different sexual services under the Massage aegis.

This has nothing to have neither with Tantric nor Sensual. 

Later, I have bookings from guys (and sometimes girls), who had this fake “Tantric” or “Sensual” experience and want to know the real thing. 


But what is the difference then?


Firstly, a brief description:


Tantric Massage is an energetic / physical bodywork with the Therapist being totally aware and synchronized with the Client from the beginning to the last moment of the Session. The Therapist uses soft, caring strokes over the whole naked Client’s body, building the Trust and de-armoring (turning off psychological defenses and physical blocks) the Client. 

So the first half of Tantric Massage is a very relaxing, loving & caring experience with accent on awareness (both Client’s and Therapist’s) and connection.

The second half – Yoni (for Females) and Lingam (for Males) concentrates on building Sexual arousal in the whole body (not only in the genitals), finishing with Sexual Energy work and orgasm (or multiple orgasms – if the Client is sensitive enough).

In the process, usually, Therapist has to deal with hidden in the past emotions, traumas and other negativity, which was suppressed, blocked – and finally released during the Session.

The whole idea is work with Energy through gentle body manipulations.

Tantric Massage can be done ONLY on the mat (mattress on the floor, bed etc.) – there is no way the proper Tantric Massage can be performed on the table.


Tantric Massage Melbourne

Sensual Massage is a bit different from that:


Sensual Massage is the art of Physical and Energetic connection via long, circular strokes with variable pressure and Therapist’s intention to heal and give pleasure to the Client.
The touch is, similar to Tantric, still loving & caring – but Sensually passionate and sexually saturated. 

The whole experience is aimed on Client’s pleasure and positive improvements in both Physical and Energetic aspects – including tension release, emotional clean-up and mental tranquilisation.

Sensual Massage is not just one given sequence, but a way of Massaging itself: the Therapist is not just doing the strokes – he actually puts his own loving Energy and transmits the Universal love through his hands. The same Massage routine can be performed Sensually or non-Sensually – depends on the Therapist’s intention and experience. 

Because the main aim of Sensual Massage is “to please and release”, the Therapist has to use only the chosen strokes suitable for the Sensual style: mostly fingers, forearms and soften knuckles (no reinforced thumbs, direct elbows or knees). 

With the variety of strokes possible only on the Table (in order to correctly apply the body weight) – Sensual Massage is done on the Massage Table only.


Signature Sensual Massage Melbourne

Here is the comparison of Sensual and Tantric Massages:

Tantric Massage


+ Loving & Caring Touch
+ Slow, Steady Rhythm
+ Concentration on Awareness & Breath-work
+ Spiritual Experience, Emotional Release
+ Yoni / Lingam finish

+ Ancient Tradition

– Mat / Bed only
– Soft Pressure only
– Not Remedial in a traditional way

Sensual Massage


+ Loving & Caring, Passionate Touch
+ Slow (faster than Tantric though) Rhythm
+ Variable Pressure (can go really deep)
+ Can be Remedial in a traditional way
+ Yoni / Lingam finish is possible as well

+ Totally Customized and Personalized
+ Aiming the Pleasure and Release
+ Can also be very Spiritual

– Can feel too Sexual for someone with blocked Sexuality

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