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 The Art of Yoni Massage – more than just a “Happy Ending” for Women.

 After taking the Yoni Courses by 3 different Tantric Masters (or Mistresses, to be clear) and doing 10-s and 100-s of Yoni Massages I’m now confident enough to say that I’ve got it.

It’s that feeling when something is going deeper inside of you, deeper than conscious mind. When your hands and fingers just know what to do – and doing that right.


Yoni is an Art of pleasing the Woman, helping her to embrace and enjoy herself,
feeling amazing in the process and getting fantastic results after the session.


Yoni Massage Melbourne

Basically, Yoni Massage is a sequence (number of sequences) over the female’s Yoni (“womb”, “vagina” in Sanskrit) and is a conclusion of a Traditional Tantric Massage for Women.

However, it is much more than just a sequence.

It starts with the calming and safe environment (for that reason I prefer doing Yoni outcalls – the Woman feels the safest in her own house) – nice and slightly arousing smell, soft ambient music and a glass of good wine definitely help with that 😉

The first connection is very important – so I always start the session with a brief chat, describing the process and letting the Client know the details. It is a really great sign is she asks lots of questions – that also helps assuring her mind about the safety of the situation.

The Whole Body Massage can be done on the bed or the table – depends on the preference of the Client. Even though the Traditional Tantra is done on a mat on the floor – I found that it is even better to perform Tantric on the bed (as it is more comfortable for her) or, for a big percent of the Clients who prefer staying on the Massage Table – I’ve created the Tantric Massage Variation on the Massage Table.

It is much better to perform any Massage on the table (except Thai and Shiatsu ^_^) as the Therapist is free to move around and there is more flexibility using bodyweight working on the table (using legs to stabilize really helps) and the Client’s face stays comfy in the face hole, not side ways on the pillow.

Yoni Massage Melbourne


Yoni Massage can be performed in the end of any Relaxing, Sensual Massage – not only Tantric


The whole point of the Massage in regards to Yoni is to “open the gates” – to create the feeling of Safety, Security and Desire in her body, so when the first touch covers the outer lips – it feels expected and welcomed.

Yoni Massage itself takes approximately 20-40min and covers the whole area from navel to the top of knees. It starts with gentle strokes all around, bringing the blood and energy to the Yoni – only then the first soft touch above the Clitoris appears. 

Yoni Massage also varies from person to person – essential for the Therapist to establish the connection and “tune” with the Client, synchronizing the frequencies. Feeling what she feels is the main guidance for the Session – with one only the outer part may take over 30min, when another Client may be already pulsing and enjoying the cervical orgasm by that stage. 

Another feature is that Yoni Massage avoiding Clitoris as much as possible, concentrating more on Cervix and G-Spot, which takes longer but absolutely worth it as it allows Woman to orgasm with her whole body instead of orgasming with genitals only.

The results of Yoni Therapy are amazing – not only it brings pleasure and allows many Women to experience the real orgasm for the first time, but it also a powerful healing energetic tool as it moves and clears up the energies in the process. Also – it makes Woman way more sensitive, which helps her to become more orgasmic, happy and powerful 😉

Sensual Massage Melbourne | Tantric Massage | Yoni Massage | Energies

Elan’s Massage 2.0 has arrived! Huge updates and new features.

Elan’s Massage 2.0 is here – with new, unique Massage Techniques, completely separated Therapeutic and Sensual sections, updated rates and much more!

Porn Addiction – it’s Nature, Consequences and How to Overcome it.

In the last couple of months of my practice I’ve met many guys (and girls – don’t be surprised by that!) with different levels of Porn Addiction – also I have few friends with this addiction. Mostly it is not considered as addiction, as alcoholism or drug addictions – however, it is based on the same principles, have almost the same results and there is the same solution on how to overcome it.

“Isn’t it a Massage Blog – why are you talking about addictions?”

– Well, it is also my Personal Space, where I post anything that I find relevant or useful to my Practice, clients or any other web surfers, who got to know me through my words.

The Question of Mutual Respect: funny fellas, Happy Endings and calls in the middle of the night

Long ago, I (like many others) blindly believed in humanity, loved every client from the door step and was sure, that if anything goes wrong – there is something wrong with me and I have to fix / improve myself… This attitude brought my first regulars and became the foundation of my practice – however, quickly led to depletion, depression and many energetic blockages.

I’ve promptly answered every text, regardless of how disrespectful or silly it was; every call – even at 1AM; every question – it was specifically interesting to listen to drunk guy, who called me while driving his car around midnight, asking for a Happy Ending asap… Well – let’s say I couldn’t set the borders and quite soon got so energetically dirty, so I didn’t want to keep doing any Therapies despite my Love and Passion for Massage and Healing.

I also didn’t understand many essential Energetic Rules, which are the necessity not only for highly sensitive people like myself, but for every human being. One of the Rules says, that every contact between two creatures is an energy exchange, with rates depending on the nature of the contact. In other words – putting others’ needs before my own (especially my very basic ones) and trying to please everyone, I was sacrificing my own energy for some useless, disrespectful contacts. It is obvious for some – but never known or mentioned by the rest.

Massage Prices in Melbourne – cheap Asian holes, exquisite 5-stars Day-Spas and Passionate Individuals

Being a High-End Massage Therapist and having an experience working at luxurious Day-Spas, I’ve always been a client myself – visiting all sorts of places around Melbourne, Australia and Overseas.

It is actually my favorite travelling game – to visit as many Massage places as I can and get as much diversified experiences as possible, while visiting another city.

In this article, I’ll give some insider’s information about Massage World of Melbourne – with prices, positives and negatives, and of course – my humble opinion 😉

Aesthetic vs Remedial Massage

Aesthetic Massage is mainly aimed to make the client feel good both during and after the session. Some styles are also used to make the client look good – such as Slimming / Sculptural techniques, used to remove cellulitis, improve gluts shape and get rid of “love handles”. The main focus is to combine the pleasant feeling during the Massage and positive improvements after.

Remedial (or Medical) Massage is aimed only on the positive effect after the session, regardless how painful or unpleasant it can be in the process.

Can Aesthetic Massage be Remedial as well? Sure – almost every professional Aesthetic Massage has Remedial effects.

Can Remedial Massage be Aesthetic? In the way it is taught – not really. There can be no flow, transitions are often missed and the main concentration is on the direct impact – to feel the release straight away, to get in there and to make some difference in a short term (and, after several sessions, in a long term as well).

Mutual Sympathy – Physical Attraction, Emotional Connection and Mindful Acceptance

Many have seen my ads in the web, and many have noticed the phrase “Mutual Sympathy” – the magic element needed to create all sorts of extras and custom experiences.

However – in some cases it was misunderstood as an “extra $”, “tip” and other materialistic goods.

Nope – Mutual Sympathy is not about the money, at all. It can be used as a reason to provide a nice discount or create an unique Session especially for you – but what is it and how to achieve it?

The Art of Yoni Massage

Basically, Yoni Massage is a sequence (number of sequences) over the female’s Yoni (“womb”, “vagina” in Sanskrit) and is a conclusion of a Traditional Tantric Massage for Women.

However, it is much more than just a sequence.

Why I don’t use Email/Text marketing- information overload and informational violence

Every time I face another “marketing advise”, have to do a small-business subject in another Massage School as part of another Massage Course or just opening my email in the morning.

They say:

“Approach your customers!”;

“Make yourself visible for them!”;

Sensual Massage vs Tantric Massage: what’s the difference?

Both Sensual and Tantric Massages are well known – mostly and absolutely mistakenly by hundreds of ads from busty females without any Massage qualification, providing body slides and different sexual services under the Massage aegis.

This has nothing to have neither with Tantric nor Sensual.

Later, I have bookings from guys (and sometimes girls), who had this fake “Tantric” or “Sensual” experience and want to know the real thing.


Mastery of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – Achievement Unlocked!

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is so wonderful, combining Sensual and Remedial qualities and providing the unforgettable experience on its own or as part of any mix I do!