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Why I don’t use Email/Text marketing – information overload and informational violence


Every time I face another “marketing advise”, have to do a small-business subject in another Massage School as part of another Massage Course or just opening my email in the morning.

They say:

“Approach your customers!”;

“Make yourself visible for them!”;

“Always remind of your business!”;

“Let your business name sink into their subconscious mind!”.

Personally I just want to vomit from an informational overload every time I open the Spam folder or coming to Chemist Warehouse to listen the silly, annoying radio ads while waiting at the checkout.

Informational Rubbish


There is so much information around – useless information that we haven’t asked for


From my personal point of view – that’s called “Informational Violence” when somebody is trying to force the piece of information that you haven’t asked for and don’t need into your mind. 

Seriously – informational analysis, which is happening automatically in our subconscious + coming out as the “inner dialogue” (endless speaking with ourselves in our minds) takes energy to happen. So much energy.

Soooo much energy – such a pointless waste of priceless resources that could be used for other things:

– Personal Development

– Education, business and professional growth

– Creating healthy, happy relationships

– Spiritual and Energetic Improvement

You will always find the ways to spend the free energy on something you like 😉

Instead of that, myself and everyone around are forced to listen to stupid ads of the new breakfast cereal that I’ll never eat!

It’s like a salesman, who is coming to you everyday with the stuff that you don’t need – and you have to listen to him the whole time he speaks and pay him for his time. How ridiculous is that?… 

We are used to it – but it is not OK

It’s also called disrespect. 

I would never force anyone to listen to anything he/she doesn’t want to listen. 

And if I would do – what response shall I expect?

We’re taught to suppress the aggression – but aggression is the healthy response of the human creature (or any other creature) against disrespectful, threatening and unwanted actions of others. 

Informational violence IS such disrespectful, threatening and unwanted action – and aggression is a healthy response to that.

Suppress it for a long time – and you’ll get psychological, emotional and, of course, physical blocks and deceases. 

Would I like my clients to get such? Nope.

If somebody wants a quality service – I’m always here (or there – depends on the time ^_^). 

And if it is their will to find me – I’ll be very happy to help.

But I wouldn’t force anyone to make them think that they need my service. That’s just against a human’s Free Will.

Sensual Massage Melbourne | Email Marketing | Text Marketing | Information Overload | Informational Violence

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Long ago, I (like many others) blindly believed in humanity, loved every client from the door step and was sure, that if anything goes wrong – there is something wrong with me and I have to fix / improve myself… This attitude brought my first regulars and became the foundation of my practice – however, quickly led to depletion, depression and many energetic blockages.

I’ve promptly answered every text, regardless of how disrespectful or silly it was; every call – even at 1AM; every question – it was specifically interesting to listen to drunk guy, who called me while driving his car around midnight, asking for a Happy Ending asap… Well – let’s say I couldn’t set the borders and quite soon got so energetically dirty, so I didn’t want to keep doing any Therapies despite my Love and Passion for Massage and Healing.

I also didn’t understand many essential Energetic Rules, which are the necessity not only for highly sensitive people like myself, but for every human being. One of the Rules says, that every contact between two creatures is an energy exchange, with rates depending on the nature of the contact. In other words – putting others’ needs before my own (especially my very basic ones) and trying to please everyone, I was sacrificing my own energy for some useless, disrespectful contacts. It is obvious for some – but never known or mentioned by the rest.

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“Isn’t it a Massage Blog – why are you talking about addictions?”

– Well, it is also my Personal Space, where I post anything that I find relevant or useful to my Practice, clients or any other web surfers, who got to know me through my words.

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Why’s that? Because forgetting them leads to devastating results for the the whole human creature: physical blocks and tension, suppressed emotions, numb feelings, psychological problems and energetic depletion (depression in other words).

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Both Sensual and Tantric Massages are well known – mostly and absolutely mistakenly by hundreds of ads from busty females without any Massage qualification, providing body slides and different sexual services under the Massage aegis.

This has nothing to have neither with Tantric nor Sensual.

Later, I have bookings from guys (and sometimes girls), who had this fake “Tantric” or “Sensual” experience and want to know the real thing.


4 Human Types: Differences, Highlights and Features.

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Today I’ll discuss with you 4 main Human Types – knowing that, you’ll be able successfully get on with anyone you want – or efficiently protect yourself, if needed.

Why I don’t use Email/Text marketing- information overload and informational violence

Every time I face another “marketing advise”, have to do a small-business subject in another Massage School as part of another Massage Course or just opening my email in the morning.

They say:

“Approach your customers!”;

“Make yourself visible for them!”;