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 Why Regular Clients get the best Experiences – building Trust and Connection.

Regular Clients Trust Connections

 First of all – let’s get back to the functional explanation of the word “connection”:

To connect means to open the possibility of exchange – as the energy is the fundamental substance, so any connection is an energetic exchange.

The energy which builds up in our own structure contains our own personal imprint – it can be then read as an information on different levels, mostly non-verbal.

In the nature of any connection is to give the energy with our imprint and receive the same amount of energy with foreign imprint in return.

Basically – when the continuous connection takes place, it is reasonable to say that one person consists of relatively large part of another person.

Regular Clients Mind to Mind Connection

As the connection gets better – it becomes easier for energy to perform the exchange and in the same time, as the psychological defenses are relaxing and allowing more information to flow, the exchange is getting richer.


Coming to the Client-Therapist relationship – basically it has no difference to any other connection on the energetic level.

Yes – it is fundamentally the same as the relationships between lovers, hostiles, relatives or any other connection between humans.

 So – the only variables that differ the connections are:

– Trust, as the level on access that our psychological/energetic defenses give to the connection (same as Firewall gives access levels to connections coming to your laptop).

–  Quality of the energy exchanged, as the continuation of Trust and, on other hand, the result of our intention (to heal, to please, to harm or many other intentions we may have).

Regular Clients Connections

Intention can be set from the very first moment (Client’s intention is usually to get relaxation, receive pleasure and relieve tension; Therapist’s – to help, to heal and to maintain).

Trust is what’s building with time, that depends on the Mutual Sympathy (if there is a sympathy – Trust can be built in a couple of hours time; if there is no sympathy – it can take weeks, months and years).

Finally, when the Trust is built and the Intention is right – the connection gets nice and powerful allowing to exchange as much energy as required without any blockages or disruptions. 

What does that mean? 

Oh, it just opens the whole Universe with every touch! It gives the “high priority” level of access to the Therapist, allowing him to heal and create the Masterpiece of touch and flow with the highest effectiveness (means that every move that Therapist does reaches the intended destination). 

The Client feels much safer and it takes a couple of minutes (literally) for him/her to completely relax and open up to the healing and pleasing process.


Sensual Massage Melbourne | Regular Clients | Trust | Energies | Connections

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Why I don’t use Email/Text marketing- information overload and informational violence

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They say:

“Approach your customers!”;

“Make yourself visible for them!”;

Why Regular Clients get the best Experiences – building Trust and Connection

The energy which builds up in our own structure contains our own personal imprint – it can be then read as an information on different levels, mostly non-verbal.

In the nature of any connection is to give the energy with our imprint and receive the same amount of energy with foreign imprint in return.

The History of Signature Sensual Massage and Elan’s Signature Massage Styles

I was heavily disappointed with basic Massage skills that I’ve got at the beginning and began my Journey to create the Massage I’d love to receive myself – Sensual, Enjoyable and Effective.

Aesthetic vs Remedial Massage

Aesthetic Massage is mainly aimed to make the client feel good both during and after the session. Some styles are also used to make the client look good – such as Slimming / Sculptural techniques, used to remove cellulitis, improve gluts shape and get rid of “love handles”. The main focus is to combine the pleasant feeling during the Massage and positive improvements after.

Remedial (or Medical) Massage is aimed only on the positive effect after the session, regardless how painful or unpleasant it can be in the process.

Can Aesthetic Massage be Remedial as well? Sure – almost every professional Aesthetic Massage has Remedial effects.

Can Remedial Massage be Aesthetic? In the way it is taught – not really. There can be no flow, transitions are often missed and the main concentration is on the direct impact – to feel the release straight away, to get in there and to make some difference in a short term (and, after several sessions, in a long term as well).

Mutual Sympathy – Physical Attraction, Emotional Connection and Mindful Acceptance

Many have seen my ads in the web, and many have noticed the phrase “Mutual Sympathy” – the magic element needed to create all sorts of extras and custom experiences.

However – in some cases it was misunderstood as an “extra $”, “tip” and other materialistic goods.

Nope – Mutual Sympathy is not about the money, at all. It can be used as a reason to provide a nice discount or create an unique Session especially for you – but what is it and how to achieve it?

Massage Blog Introduction

Welcome to my Massage Blog!

Here you’ll find everything, that didn’t fit into the website’s main pages (which has to be SEO-Optimized, User-Friendly and other boring things), but did fit into my head and that I found interesting enough to share with everyone.

Let’s overview the possible content of the posts:

– Frequently Asked Questions, that I receive every day and that, sometimes, quite funny and witty (or just asked really frequently).

– Insides of my practice.

– Quality Massage themed articles.

– Massage Flows and Tips.

– Updates and Travel Dates