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 Yoni Massage – 3 Types of Orgasms and a bit of Anatomy

Yoni Massage is a very complex and spiritual action, aimed on healing and expansion of Femininity – which, in the same time, can be extremely sexy and unleashing act, creating the waves of pleasure that spread all over the body and multiple orgasms, often accompanied with loud moans and squirting.

Basically, Yoni Massage is different for everyone and can be “sacred, Tantric and spiritual”,  “hot, sexy and orgasmic” or both – depends on the particular Woman and her needs/desires at the given moment.

It is not a single set of strokes, that is applied for everyone in the same pace and with the same intention – it is the intuitive usage of chosen strokes with intention, that resonates with the Client (and only her – not anyone else) over the theoretical knowledge (mainly traditional Anatomy and Tantric/Eastern energetic centers/lines) and signals, that come from her body in the process.


In this article I’ll discuss the main 3 types of Female Orgasms, that you may experience during the Yoni Massage Session – backed with a bit of Anatomy and personal additions.

I’ll also touch the question of mental limitations/blocks and how they can stop you from being Orgasmic, Energetic and Happy.


Clitoral Stimulation - Yoni Massage

The very first thing associated with Female Orgasm – Clitoris.
In Traditional Tantric it is advised to avoid Clitoris stimulation during Yoni Massage – however, the real practice made it obvious that avoiding such sensitive and powerful center of
Pleasure and Arousal is non-practical
and it is, indeed, a great idea to apply different stimulations over Clitoris before and during the G-Spot stimulation.

Clitoris is a hyper-sensitive structure – mini-projection of a Male’s Lingam with over 8000 nerve receptors – which is double the number of what the Male’s Lingam has. 

As it is highly erogenous and sensitive – its main role is…. Pleasure! 

And the pleasure comes not only from the exposed part (which sometimes can get oversensitive) – but from the whole Clitoris Structure, which remains hidden. Yep – Clitoral Stimulation is not only Massaging, touching or licking the head of the Clit – it is also the stimulation of the hood, working with the sensitive spots all around and combining it all together for an Orgasmic Bliss even before any penetration happens!

Clitoral Orgasm is well-known as a “Peak” pleasure, coming in a moment and often compared with a Male’s one – however, Female’s Clitoris Orgasm can be experienced multiple times in a relatively short period of time without loss of sensations and can also be mixed with deeper, more powerful types of Orgasms to achieve long, whole-body-shaking extasy!

G-Spot Orgasm Yoni Massage


G-Spot Orgasm is the main one in Yoni Massage – and yes, this is the one that comes in waves and lasts anywhere between 20sec and 2min,
making your legs shake and hands cling to bed!


Scientifically, G-Spot Orgasm is a deeper kind of Clitoral Orgasm as we stimulate the root of Clitoris –
and this is another reason to stimulate G-Spot and outer Clitoris in the same time to reach even more powerful climax!

Technically, G-Spot is a bit tricky to reach – and that’s why only certain percentage of Women had this experience: to stimulate G-Spot in the best way, the pressure has to be applied straight UP – which is impossible to achieve by traditional Lingam-Yoni sex or by simple “fingering” the Yoni in the same way that Lingam does. Yes, there is some point of stimulation – but usually that’s not enough to reach the G-Spot Orgasm.

Technique used in Yoni Massage is different – one/two fingers are gently inserted, while the whole Therapist’s body (and specifically his arm) creates the vertical angle, completing the “Up-Down” motion with the whole arm. This assures, that G-Spot is stimulated in the best possible way and, as the Therapist is using the whole arm’s muscles (not just forearm flexors), the stronger stimulation can be carried for a longer time.

Cervix Yoni Massage


Cervical Orgasm – the Queen of all Female Orgasms: difficult to reach, impossible to forget.


Not many even know about the existence of Cervical Orgasm – Cervix is located at the “top” of inner Vagina, separating it from Uterus. Its location makes it a forgotten spot for most lovers – as it is almost unreal to reach it during usual “fingering”.

It is also possible to stimulate it with Lingam (smaller Yoni, bigger Lingam) – however, such stimulation is usually quite rough and uncontrolled – making it quite difficult to Orgasm.

In Yoni Massage, Cervical Stimulation is usually left for the very end and is completed in a Tantric Position, where the Woman is on her back with knees bended to the chest – allowing the Therapist to reach the Cervix with fingers (usually – a thumb) and apply controlled stimulation on it.


Cervical Stimulation is completely different to Clitoral or G-Spot – from the Clients’ feedbacks, it feels like an avalanche, building up from a snowball, reaching the point of no return and crushing heavily, filling the whole body with Orgasmic Waves of Pleasure.

Yoni Massage Melbourne


How Psychological/Mental limitations and blockages affect Yoni Massage?


As we may know, our Mind likes to control everything. For Mind “controlling everything” means “safety” –
whatsoever, this “fake” safety dooms the modern Human with a giant bunch of problems and issues:

– First of all – “fake” safety of “mental controlling” consumes about 80% of the energy available to Human (no doubt that mentally-oriented people are depleted most of the time). In the same time – it gives nothing in return as the “fake” safety actually makes us vulnerable, inflexible and weak before the real threats (but yeah – “mental safety” makes us feel safe, ignoring the real world’s events and living in the small illusionary world of the Mind till the real threat comes).

– It makes the Physical Body tensed, suppresses the real emotions and feelings by blocking them – which then shows up as a Physical Blocks in muscles, Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, OCD etc. and overall fatigue.

– It makes us stuck in one and only one state of being (which we tend to call “normal”), when the Human plays only one role and can’t separate the real him/herself from this role (Ego). This, obviously, makes the person and his/her life limited and predictable, extremely inflexible and unable to change even when the change is critically needed.

The last point is actually strongly linked to being Orgasmic – as Sexual Arousal is a different state of being (or State of Mind, as it is usually called – but it has little to do with Mind). Yes – Sexual Arousal actually changes our perception of reality, with the focus shifting to the first two Chakras (responsible for Primal Needs and Sexuality/Creativity relatively) and in this state we are not our Minds or Egos at all.

In such state we represent the type of energy, that we tend to call Sexual – wild, joyful and extremely powerful. We feel the world and ourselves differently, we are getting taken by this energy and flowing with it
to the peaks of Pleasure and Passion – then returning to our “normal” selves.

In order to achieve that state, the Mind has to give up the control (which leads nowhere anyway – as the Willpower is the real controlling and navigating unit in the Human Structure, with the Mind being secondary administrative unit). Ego has to fade (which happens automatically as Mind turns off – as Ego is a product of Mind) – being temporarily replaced by Joy and wild Passion.


You are still in control – you have your Willpower (can be felt in Solar Plexus area)
and can make any changes or guide yourself through the sexual journey the way you like.
Using your Willpower, you are letting the Sexual energy take you on your own rules, respecting your limits and desires.


With your Mind off, nothing blocks your own sexuality – there is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of (Ego is absent – no shame is possible).


This way – you become your true, wild Self – one of your ancient aspects, and enjoy the Experience completely, savoring every moment of it.


In this state – you are the Goddess, the Passion, the Feminine Sexuality – and you know that you deserve to be pleased and satisfied as much as you like it!


So yep – it’s that simple:

– Feel the Sexual Arousal and Desire rising from your Yoni.

– Make a decision to surrender to your Sexuality and dive in into the Experience.

– Concentrate on the feelings in your body, ignoring the egoistic cravings of controlling and returning to your own limits – which will eventually turn off the Mind. Do not analyze or think – just feel.

– And finally – enjoy yourself without any limits the way you truly want it to be!


What will my Yoni Massage be like?


Tantra and all Tantric Manifestations are unpredictable and unique.

These are not the Mind’s scenario of “What it shall feel and look like” – it is really different for everyone. Let’s look it from this perspective:

The energy is ever-changing, flowing in an endless stream. We are energy – so we flow in the same way. When two creatures connect – they create unique connection and flowing together in a given moment of time. This moment will never be again – the same energy will never flow through the same space. It is what it is right now. And even if same people make the same connection next time – it will be different already.

As a Therapist, I’ll do my very best to be pure from my own desires and devote myself to serve your Needs. You are in complete control and you, as a Client, decide what you want to get from the Session and how far you’d like me to go.

Yoni Massage is all about You, your Femininity, your Pleasure and your Satisfaction. 

The way you Like – and it can be almost anything you Want it to be.

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Yoni Massage Melbourne

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Tantric Massage Melbourne

Tantric Massage


Sensual, erotic and sexually saturated – Tantric Massage is your finest destination for slow, sensual pleasure with energetic enhancement and full body revitalizing.

Tantric Massage is a sacred sexual journey of graduate arousal and energy sublimation , ended with bright and unforgettable finish.

Available for both Males (Lingam finish) and Females (Yoni finish).


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Signature Sensual Massage


The Sensual variation of Elan’s Signature Massage – actually, its original version before all the necessary cut-offs to suit the formal standards and codes of ethics.

For Signature Sensual Massage I’ve chosen only the Finest strokes from the best Massage Techniques to create flawless Sensual Massage Experience – extremely enjoyable, pleasant and satisfying.

Signature Sensual is your ultimate Sensual Massage Experience – and yes, it can also be finished with Lingam (Males) or Yoni (Females) Massage if desired 😉


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Sensual Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Unleashed variation of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – with complete long-body strokes covering all the sensitive areas that remained covered in the “formal” version.

Lots of warm oil, variable pressure and love in every touch – it combines Therapeutic, Relaxation and Sensual aspects, making it a complete Massage Treatment like it was intended to be – without the usual limitations of formal clinics and day-spas.

Lingam (Males) and Yoni (Females) finish are available – I’d call this Massage Lingam Lomi Lomi or Yoni Lomi Lomi then 😉


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